How MSSPs solve cyber security headaches for Small and Medium Businesses.

Rapid technology transformation and hyper-convergence in the digital world have given the rise in cybercrime over the past few years. Cyber-attacks can adversely impact businesses as they can compromise sensitive data and disrupt operations causing damaging consequences. While we think data breaches happen only with large companies, Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are equally targeted by attackers.

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the deep pockets and expertise that enterprise organizations do, making SMBs more vulnerable.

The Cyber security challenges of SMBs

  • Low awareness of cyber threats.
  • Inadequate protection for critical and sensitive information.
  • Lack of IT budget to cover costs incurred for implementing cybersecurity measures.
  • Lack of certified Cyber security expertise.
  • Inadequate end-user Training.

Partnering with MSSPs can help Small and Medium-sized businesses to protect and guide from cyber risks. Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) delivers an organization’s complete outsourced security solution and helps stand out against any latest cyber security threats. MSSPs help businesses to worry-free from cybercrimes and focus on their core business.

Benefits of partnering with Managed Security Service Providers.

  • Round the clock – MSSPs provide 24/7 cybersecurity services from their centralized Security Operations Center (SOC), where all security alerts are monitored in real-time.
  • Cost-effective – MSSPs provide the most cost-effective solution to build and maintain a robust cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • End-to-End security – MSSPs offer comprehensive security solutions that cover Endpoint protection, MDM, Network security monitoring, Cloud Application security, and dark web monitoring.
  • Proactive Security measurements– MSSPs ensure proactive security practices such as performing on-time patch management, periodic vulnerability assessments and educating end users on social engineering and phishing attacks.
  • Security and Compliance– MSSPs can help businesses to comply with industry-standard security compliances like HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, SOC2, etc.
  • Incident handling– MSSPs help organizations identify, investigate, and remediate security incidents when they occur appropriately.
    Any Small to Medium business trying to get serious about protecting their digital assets would be well advised to work with an MSSP. Choosing the right MSSP will provide you with end-to-end cybersecurity services, monitoring digital assets to proactively ensure threats have minimal to no impact on the day-to-day operations of the business.