How did Secucenter Come into Existence – Our Story

“Reports suggested that an increase in malicious cyber activity targeting managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients were observed and the trend is expected to continue. So, we had to step in to help MSPs mitigate this situation and grow together as powerful organizations.” – Team at Secucenter

Everyone has a desire to grow. One can grow individually or by helping out one another. The latter is what our team chose. We chose to design our services for organizations that wanted to grow rather than tailoring them to large enterprises alone. And that choice gradually gave rise to our dream project Secucenter.

How was Secucenter Formed?

This was back in 2021. We’d been hearing a lot about the struggles faced by MSPs and MSSPs, especially the small and medium enterprises in scaling up. There were a lot of risks involved. Building a bigger team, setting up the right technologies, recruiting the right talent, and offering 24/7 support.

A large MSP might be able to deal with this, but the ones in their growth stage will have to pay an arm and a leg to overcome all these challenges, which may not be feasible.

Now, you’d think that was all. However, what we mentioned above was just the tip of the iceberg. We also observed that MSPs and MSSPs by themselves were facing an unprecedented rise in cyber-attacks which had been having a consequential effect on their various engagements. There was an increasing requirement for MSPs and MSSPs to mitigate such risks since it can downstream the strategic relationships with business-critical stakeholders.

Even today, the warnings and risks prevail, and that too significantly. For instance, recently, the cybersecurity authorities of the ‘Five Eyes’ announced that they have been noticing a surge in malicious cyber activities targeting MSPs and the threat is expected to continue. This alert has been issued as a result of the trends observed in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

The risk prevails for both MSSPs and MSPs of all sizes. However, the challenge is much higher for growth-stage MSPs due to a shortage of resources and capital. It needs to be readily tackled and too in a way that will help them provide reliable, secure services to their clients while fortifying their own security.

Now, we already had a decade’s experience in the industry. Our venture Eynetech provides white label services for MSPs in various areas like SOC, NOC, helpdesk, web & applications, and more. We realized we have solid experience and an expert team who is well-trained in a strong area of cybersecurity like SOC. So, we thought…

Why not help empower aspiring MSPs and MSSPs who are trying to make it big in the cybersecurity space?

Why not focus on extending our SOC capabilities and give full-fledged SOC expertise and services?

Why not give powerful and secure SOC service to the clients of MSPs and MSSPs while they focus on making their business more secure?

Why not eliminate the risk of upfront investments in resources and technologies?

Why not support MSPs and MSSPs as their extended team?

And that’s how the idea struck.

Thus started the planning and ideation of services to cater to these thoughts and that’s how Secucenter came into fruition in 2022.

What is Secucenter?

Secucenter is a white label partner, dedicated to providing powerful yet cost-effective SOC services and expertise to MSPs and MSSPs. We aim to empower our clients by helping them overcome all their challenges. That is why we pledge to assist them round-the-clock to monitor, identify and respond to threats successfully by acting as their extended team of SOC experts backed by innovative technologies
With Secucenter, MSP, MSSPs, and IT departments can curb challenges like talent shortage, round-the-clock support, and increasing operational costs owing to the three main values we provide.

What Values do We Provide

  • 24/7 support coverage to get your work done at any hour without fail.
  • Skilled, trained, and certified professionals to eliminate the need for tedious recruitment.
  • Services are available at a fraction of the local cost and also reduce the operational costs due to out-of-the-box solutions.
  • An extended team that follows your brand guidelines and SOP.

How do We Provide the Values

  • SOC as staffing: A staffing model that offers a skilled and certified team of SOC experts to work full-time as an extension of your teams.
  • SOC as a service: An end-to-end service model backed by innovative SIEM solutions.

What do We Envision through Secucenter?

We envision becoming a full-fledged cyber security arm for MSPs and MSSPs. We have started with a powerful suite of SOC services and down the line, we expect to become an out-and-out cybersecurity white label service provider to help our clients in every aspect of security.

As for the present day, here we are all set to start our journey to help MSPs and MSSPs scale heights! So, join us, let’s grow together!