Let's Solve SOC
Challenges Together.

Empowering MSPs and MSSPs to Build and Expand  Security Operations Center capabilities.


SecuCenter works with MSPs and MSSPs as their trusted white-label cyber security support partner to solve Security Operation Center ( SOC ) needs.

We act as an extension of your team to help monitor security alerts proactively and detect threats and vulnerabilities on your behalf.


Building Blocks of an Effective SOC Team

Technology defines what is needed to achieve visibility into an organization’s SOC operations, such as what tools are required to collect information, which type of security measures etc.

Talent ( People ) is the most important pillar of any SOC team to accomplish the goals of the organization’s related security Operations. Skilled People with the right Technology make a SOC team a Formidable force.
The process helps SOC Team to achieve its mission in the most efficient manner. A well-defined process of SOC team gives more maturity to handle crisis situations ( breaches or incidents ) or train new talents.

The Visibility defines what information the SOC needs access to. This includes systems logs and data, access to the knowledge base systems, and access to Infrastructure systems and collaboration platforms.

The availability pillar defines the service level agreement and overall KPI of a SOC team in terms of monitoring, detecting and responding to a security incident.

The SOC Challenges

Running an efficient SOC operations comes with its challenges
owing to the evolving threat landscape.
Recruiting the right talents to the right job role can be challenging, and the current talent scarcity adds more pain.
Building a team for SOC and setting up the required technologies from scratch involves high upfront cost.
Establishing and maintaining 24/7 support coverage means a lot of administrative efforts and pricey.




24/7 end-to-end SOC service model without having to go for any upfront investment in technologies and resources. Our Security experts will take care you and your customers security monitoring services by providing our enterprise grade SOC XDR solutions and round the clock support.



Our SOC staffing model provides you with a highly skilled and certified team of SOC experts to work full-time as an extension of your in-house team. The trained resources will ensure quality support and extended support coverages under your brand terms.

Security Vectors

24/7 proactive security monitoring across three critical attack vectors
Firewalls, On-premise servers and other network devices log monitoring, intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning.
Cloud (Azure, AWS and Office 365) access and activity log monitoring, vulnerability scanning and cloud infrastructure assessment.
Endpoint detection and response with FIM ( File integrity monitoring), Behavioral monitoring and rouge device detection.


1. Managed SOC – We will handle everything for you.

2. SOC Teams – We will provide a dedicated team as your remote staffs.

We can onboard as quickly as within a week time.

For North American customers, data processed in AWS US region Data centers. 

Europe & UK customers – AWS Europe 

Australia & NewZealand – AWS Sydney

Asia – AWS India datacenter

Yes. We are an ISO\IEC ISMS 27001:2013 certified company. 

Compliance & Certifications